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Shed Platforms

Shed platforms provide space for site facilities and services to be housed above ground level, allowing for more effective use of potentially ‘dead’ space.

In situations where a site’s size or conditions limit the ground space available to locate site sheds, we can provide a custom-made structural steel platform that can comfortably carry multiple levels of worker facilities and amenities. This may be due to lack of space in a severely restricted site, or in excavation sites where vehicular traffic cannot be impeded, but air space needs to be utilised for accommodating workers. Overhead protection, if needed, can also be incorporated into these structures.

The amount of levels that can be supported will depend on the size and scale of the ground area available to install the platform. Our team will be able to advise what is possible within the engineering restrictions of your site.

Structures can be self-supporting or bolted down and are all certified by a third party engineer to ensure compliance with relevant codes and Australian standards.

Case Study

Macquarie Park

Our client needed space to locate worker facilities whilst working on this site. Due to the area and the number of car parks on adjoining properties, we designed and installed a platform in an adjoining car park. This allowed our client to provide the facilities needed for their workers in a safe manner, whilst minimising the impact to car parking facilities for the businesses utilising the car park next door.



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