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Modular B-Class Hoardings

Modular B-Class hoardings provide a protective overhead structure built from a series of prefabricated modules.

Modular B-Class hoardings, sometimes referred to as gantries, are constructed with prefabricated modules that are transported to site for assembly. These hoardings can be erected over a footpath in order to protect pedestrians from any risk of items falling from the construction site above.

Extending beyond the footpath, Modular B-Class hoardings can be built to accommodate site sheds, additional storage capacity, scaffolding, swinging stages or high climbers. All decks on B-Class hoardings are designed to a minimum strength of 10 kPa (1 ton per m2).

Benefits of Modular B-Class hoardings

  • Offers a cost-effective solution due the prefabricated nature of the panels.
  • Speed of installation also reduces installation cost and required budget allocation for traffic control.
  • Can be modified to specific requirements.
  • Self-supporting structure.
  • Comes in a variety of deck widths from 1.23m-4.6m.
  • Signed off by an engineer to ensure compliance with relevant codes and Australian standards.
  • Can comfortably support one level of site sheds or between 4 & 7 floors of scaffold.
  • Increased capacity can be achieved in some circumstances.
  • A plywood faced site side fence can be incorporated onto the structure to secure the works area.


  • SafeWork NSW loading restrictions (40% of the structure’s capacity).
  • Footpath widths.
  • Engineering restrictions.
  • Counterweights and column spacings. Some councils will limit the spacings between the support columns and number and location of counterweights.

Case Study

George St, Sydney

We provided Modular B-Class hoardings to this site which allowed the client to:

  • protect the footpath and general public
  • close off the site
  • protect an entry ramp into an operational loading dock
  • maintain tenant access to a handed-over portion of the works via an internal hoarding tunnel

Modular B-Class was used in all these applications, providing a versatile overhead protective solution.

Additionally, working in and around the Sydney Light Rail presented some challenges as the installation commenced prior to the completion of the Light Rail and the dismantle had to occur afterwards, without the option of on-site craning facilities.




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