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Internal Hoardings

Internal hoardings designed to protect passers-by from the hazards of construction work by providing a barrier for dust and debris.

When temporary fit out or internal construction works are taking place within a building that is also in use by members of the public, internal hoardings are required to protect people from the hazards of construction while they use or pass through the surrounding areas.

Internal hoardings allow spaces such as office lobbies, shopping centres and airports to operate safely and with minimal disruption while internal works are completed as they create a protective barrier from the dust and debris generated from the works.

Once we know the requirements and restrictions of your project and site, we can work with you to design and install most suitable type of internal hoarding for your application.

Case Study

Martin Place

Our client at Martin Place was required to provide safe passage through their site into the operating food court whilst undertaking their works.
A B’ Class hoarding was installed that was then lined to provide a visually appealing, safe and effective way to allow continued building use whilst they could complete their works.


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