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The type of hoarding you require will depend on the site. Do you require overhead protection (B-Class hoarding) or a simple site fence (A-Class hoarding)? If overhead protection or B-Class hoardings are necessary, these can be modular or structural. If you require scaffolding, site sheds or any other loads need to be supported by the B-Class hoarding, we can discuss your requirements based on the loads.

A-Class hoarding is also known as a site fence. B-Class hoarding provides overhead protection. B-Class hoardings can be designed to incorporate an A-Class fence to eliminate the need for two different systems, making it more cost effective.

It is your responsibility to submit any applications to council in relation to the approval of the hoarding. We will support you in this process by providing the necessary structural drawings and relevant Engineer’s certificate to submit your application.

  1. Onsite meeting to do a detailed set out of the proposed hoarding/s.
  2. Total Hoardings will draw up the plans for your review.
  3. You provide confirmation that the hoarding and the set-out discussed on site meet your requirements. Any changes should be noted as soon as they arise.
  4. Total Hoardings will provide final drawings and Engineer’s certificate. We will need any required loading information (for B-Class hoardings) to be submitted prior to submission to the engineer. This information can be provided at a later date, however, could incur additional engineering/drafting costs.
  5. You submit the application to the relevant Council/authority.
  6. Once approved, you will need to supply Total Hoardings with a physical copy of the full Council approval.
  7. Total Hoardings apply for the relevant work permit and organise installation.
  8. Installation onsite.
  9. Total Hoardings provide Engineer’s certificate for the installation.
  10. You submit Engineer’s certificate for the installation to the relevant Council.

A-Class and Modular B-Class – In most cases, the drawing will be available within 2-7 days from set-out, depending on the complexity and size of the project.

Structural B-Class, shed platforms and facade retentions will vary depending on the project size and complexity. Drawings can be available from 7 days to 2 or 3 weeks from set out.

We will be better able to advise on the timeframe once we have quoted your specific job.

All works built on public land generally require Council approval, which is the responsibility of the client to manage, with information provided by Total Hoardings. Any works installed on, or affecting property not belonging to the site or council will need the approval from the owner. The client is responsible for obtaining all or any approvals required for the installation of the hoardings.

Works on private property may not need an approval for the structure, but may need approvals for undertaking the works (out of hours).

Total Hoardings will manage all aspects of the installation. We will organise the work permit and any necessary traffic control services (subject to traffic control being part of the scope of works) and will work in partnership with the relevant Council in the case of any events that may impact our work.

Please get in touch to discuss any other question.


We are passionate about providing tailored solutions to suit every site and budget, and look forward to discussing your requirements with you in more detail.

Please contact us via our website or call the office on 02 8811 2900. We will need your site address, the type of hoarding required, if known, and the estimated project timeframe.

We will happily organise for you to meet our estimator on site to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Once a works approval has been issued, we will require your presence on site when finalising the detailed set out of the hoarding. This will ensure that the plans are drafted to meet your needs and any required changes to the scope can be captured.

Once your drawings are finalised, you will need to approve the final design to ensure both parties fully understand the project details.

Upon the approval, the design will be submitted to our third party engineer for a design review. The engineer will perform all the necessary calculations required to certify the design and provide a written certification confirming this. The details (loads) of any additional loading to the hoardings (scaffold/site sheds/hoists) will need to be provided prior to the design being submitted to the engineer.

We will provide you with a full set of drawings and the engineer certificate, in order for you to submit your application to the relevant council/authority.

Once you have forwarded your council/authority approval to us, we will apply for the necessary work permits. With traffic control in place, we will erect your hoarding during the Council and TMC (RMS) stipulated hours. Please note that the approval of some road related permits can have extended lead times. Road Occupancy licences (ROL’s) can take up to 10 working days to be approved. Road Closures, depending on the type of road and the council it falls under, can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to several months.

Once the hoarding has been erected, our structural engineer will attend site to inspect the installation and confirm the integrity of the structure. The structural engineer will issue an “As Built” certificate which confirms the structural integrity of the hoarding. You may need to submit this to other interested parties/authorities (including Council) to close the hoarding erection process.

Once works are nearing completion on site and an end date is planned, please contact us via phone or email to schedule the hoarding removal. Please bear in mind the lead times for obtaining some permits. As a general rule, the permits and associated time-frames will be the same as what was needed for the installation.


We’re here to help with all your hoarding requirements.

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