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Façade Retention

We provide specialist façade retention services to meet planning requirements on heritage listed buildings.

If your project involves a heritage listed building or requires you to preserve historical features, it is likely that the façade will need to be retained.

This is often a requirement when there is legislation in place to preserve the architectural character of a site or area, or within sites of cultural and historical significance.

Total Hoardings can design and build a custom-made, self-supporting or counterweighted structure to support the façade while the remainder of the building is demolished, and the new building is under construction.

We can also incorporate overhead protection into the design, to provide an integrated solution that meets all relevant safety legislation and provides additional space above the footpath which may be used for scaffolding, site sheds or storage if permitted by the relevant Council.



This is an extremely specialised service. Due to the unique nature of every project and high level of sensitivity required when working with listed buildings, façade retentions require significantly more engineering input and therefore demand a longer lead time. Please contact us early to avoid unexpected delays during the project.


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