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A-Class Hoarding

A-Class hoardings provide a flexible way to secure a site, while closing the works areas off from public access and view.

A-Class hoardings are a site security installation designed to delineate a works area from the general public. We provide a 2.4m high plywood fascia as standard, which exceeds the minimum height requirement for securing a site. This height can be modified up or down depending on your requirements.

Being made from plywood it is more difficult to climb than standard modular temporary fencing and is more difficult to tamper with. It also provides a visual barrier for works of a sensitive/confidential nature.

We offer four types of A-Class hoarding depending on the site conditions:

  • Standard – Counterweighted timber fence with plywood face. Requires no permanent fixings as the A-Class is supported by a concrete block or jersey kerb. On sites with deep excavation, jersey kerb counterweights are used to negate risks associated with vehicle impact.
  • Post to ground – Steel posts fixed onto the ground with a mechanical anchor to support the plywood face. This requires the ground to be structurally able to support the A-Class.
  • Post in ground – Steel or timber posts are concreted into the ground and the A-Class fascia is fixed to the posts.
  • Internal – A light duty self-supporting counterweighted system designed for use in locations where the above three options are not sufficient, generally due to access or loading restrictions. This system is normally used in enclosed areas such as shopping centres or within buildings.

The general construction of the plywood fascia is horizontal 4’x2’ rails that are supported by upright posts attached to counterweights or the ground, depending on the type of hoarding. 17mm CD plywood is then fixed to the rails and plywood is fitted with top and bottom skirting.

The plywood is painted black as a standard, however this can be customised to your requirements (subject to council approval, if required).

All designs and installations are signed off by a third party engineer to ensure compliance with relevant codes and Australian standards.

Case Study

Sydney Opera House

Our client was engaged to undertake works to Australia’s most iconic building, Sydney Opera House. The works required the segregation of the general public from the work site and also to minimise the visual impact of the installation on the building itself. A self-supporting A-Class hoarding was required as no damage could be done to the site by fixing posts to the ground.

Additionally, with a highly exposed site, wind considerations were crucial. Installation of an A-Class hoarding is quick and gave our client the workable solution they needed.


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