"B" Class Hoardings

“B” class hoardings provide the ultimate overhead protection for pedestrians. They are built over the footpath to safeguard the public from the potential hazard of objects falling off the building site.

"B" class Hoardings can be built to accommodate site sheds, scaffolding, swinging stages or high climbers.  All decks on "B" class Hoardings are designed to a minimum strength of 10 kpa (1 ton per m2).

All our “B” class hoardings are engineer designed and certified


Modular "B" Class Hoardings

Modular “B” class hoardings consist of of prefabricated panels of varying lengths and widths. The panels all come with a 5 or 6mm steel decks. 

 This "B" Class Hoarding was constructed for Australand at Macleay Street, Potts Point - made from approx 37 lineal metres timber/steel materials including:

  • Vehicle entrances
  • Sliding gates
  • Covers for sheds
  • 2.4 high front fascia
  • Pedestrian lighting

Conventional "B" Class Hoardings

This Hoarding was erected for Mirvac, Macleay Street, Sydney. The Hoardings are made up of approx. 190 lineal metres of timber/steel "A" & "B" Class type Hoardings with a Laneway Hoarding to the carpark, and including 6 metre sliding gates and three stairway access, night lighting and painting to Council specifications.

Mirvac - Macleay Street

Combined "b" Class Hoardings

"A" & "B" Class Hoardings

This one was constructed for Bovis Lend Lease at Hickson Road, Sydney - made up of timber/steel materials with a 1.2 high front fascia on the "B" Class including Jersey Kerbs between alternate road side columns - complete with a standard "A" Class Hoarding to the right of picture.

This Hoarding was painted in a special colour as requested by our client.

Accomodation "B" Class Hoardings
This "Accommodation" type Hoarding was constructed for Leightons, ABC Project, Harris Street, Sydney - made from steel.

"B" Class & Laneway type Hoardings
This one was erected for Cordukes at Elizabeth Bay, Sydney - made up of approx. 25 lineal metres of timber/steel double story "B" Class Hoarding.



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