"A" Class Hoardings

“A” Class Hoardings provide access control for building sites and restricts access to construction sites to authorised people with appropriate safety training. The frame of three horizontal 6’x2’ is supported by Oregon posts attached to concrete counterweights. The 17mm ply wood is then screwed or nailed to the frame, fitted with top and bottom capping rail and painted in the appropriate colour.

In areas with deep excavations the vertical posts are attached to continuous concrete traffic barriers.

This "A" Class Hoarding was constructed for Downer Construction at the City South Shaft Site, Sydney - made from approx. 58 lineal metres of plywood including Jersey Kerb & swinging gates and painted to Council specifications.

Overhead Protection type Hoardings

These are structures built to protect the site sheds that are placed on the "B" Class and "Laneway" type Hoardings.




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