Welcome to TOTAL HOARDINGS Pty Ltd

A Sydney based company which designs, fabricates & erects Hoardings & Overhead Protection for building industry construction sites.

These steel, timber & concrete structures are supplied to builders for nominated periods, then dismantled and removed by Total Hoardings upon project completion.

Total Hoardings boasts extremely environmentally-friendly systems and consciously works towards minimising waste.

All Hoarding components are re-used/re-fabricated for ongoing projects.

Currently, we re-use 96 per cent of all our materials, including:

  • Untreated timber, which is turned into organic mulch
  • Concrete, which is crushed into re-usable road base
  • Various steel items which are sold to scrap metal dealers for recycling

Total Hoarding's scope of operations includes the provision of standard Hoardings & Overhead Protection through to the specialised erection of major steel structures.

Each Hoarding system is individually designed to suit the specific project it will be used for. We offer advice and design services to our valued clients.

During the past three years, Total Hoarding's has made major improvements to the cosmetic appearance of its Hoardings. We provide our clients with a first class product that supports the marketing of their high profile commercial and residential developments.



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Email: sales@hoardings.com.au